So you’ve been invited to a party that plans to have a round of white elephant/yankee swap/dirty santa, the game that shouldn’t have as big an impact on your self esteem as it does. Something we all have in common is the hope that whoever we gift things too is genuinely happy to have received that gift (or at least gets a good laugh), and no one ends up like Phyllis.

In order that you don’t end up pretending like you’re not that bothered by the fact that no one likes your gift, use this list below for ideas/suggestions.

A phone mount for your car

One of the best gifts I ever received at a thing like this was a car mount for my cellphone. I used it everyday until it broke and I desperately want another one. It seems to be one of those things that people never get around to buying themselves and it’s crazy useful.

Tiny cheese, meat, olive, and champagne package


World Market has these for great prices and who wouldn’t want it? Food is always a hit, especially fancy foods.

This thing that makes your toilet glow

In case you’re looking for something that’s a bit of a gag gift but also not a total waste of money. Also its kind of funny.

Belly fanny pack

Again, its a total gag but also useful. It makes me laugh really hard too so I had to put it on here. Lots of people in the comments say they used this in their white elephant game and it was a total hit.

iPhone Lens

This is one of those things that everyone talks about but no one actually buys for themselves. Give this gift and the response you’ll get is, “I’ve seen those before, I’ve always wanted to try it!”

Giant candy bar

Anyone unhappy with this? Anyone? Okay then.

This really interesting book

I love this book, it’s filled with short stories about what it’s like to be attacked by a shark, run over by a tractor, shot in the head, etc. I promise it’s enough to interest anyone who receives it.