Hi, I’m Laurie. I have one husband, one dog, and one strong desire to save money on literally everything.

I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m cheap or competitive, but I take it as a personal challenge to prove anyone wrong that says “you’ll never be able to do it for less than X”.

I consider myself a problem solver, and high prices are a problem.

I’m also a problem solver that has expensive taste. You see my dilemma.

On Margo’s Money Map I want to share with everyone the ways I find around expensive things (whether it be travel, food, or house stuff), as well as various other financial advice that I think needs to become more common knowledge. I hope you enjoy it!

Oh, by the way, this is Margo. She inspired the name of this blog because 1. “Laurie’s Money Map” sounds bad, and 2. we’re so cheap we even got her on discount! Just kidding, she was so inexpensive to adopt because she had been at the shelter for 5 months and was on death row 🙁 Look at that baby face!